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outdoor christmas decorating service

we are your christmas decorators

Sandy Springs

Outdoor Seasonal Decorator

Tired of putting up and taking down your christmas decorations every year? Not anymore, we are your christmas decorating experts. We make decorating easy for you.
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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Company

We have years of experience designing and installing outdoor Christmas decorations. Here at Seasonal Designs we love making your space beautiful and festive for the holidays with our custom Christmas decor and displays. Outdoor decorating is what we do and we do it for commercial properties in the Atlanta and surrounding communities.

Christmas Sleigh Decorations

We are able to install beautiful decorated garlands and structured bows for your lamp posts, stunning tree lighting, and gazebo. Our decorating will make the people in your organization gather for Christmas photos and share the holiday. Let us make your Christmas decorations the centerpiece of your space.

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Installation

We design and install Christmas lights for malls & shopping centers, hotel lobbies, business offices, corporate spaces restaurants and community entrances. We do everything from simple to complex lighting designs. Our Christmas lighting is designed to be within your budget. If there is ever any issue with your Christmas lighting we will make a return visit to fix any issues that are affecting your design.

Outdoor Municipality Holiday Decor